Senior DevOps Engineer

Zagreb, Croatia

We are looking for an extraordinary Senior DevOps Engineer to help automate the company's development and support QA teams by administering continuous integration and delivery of infrastructure. The successful applicant with be responsible for working on server provisioning and orchestration.

As Oradian is set to grow its customer base exponentially every year, the Senior DevOps Engineer will need experience and ample enthusiasm to support the fast-paced development of the company.


You will be required to:

  • Provide support for the company's development and to our QA teams by administrating continuous integration and delivery of infrastructure
  • Provide procedures for automating build, test, deployment and monitoring of the whole software release cycle
  • Work on server provisioning and multi datacenter architecture
  • Automate server orchestration
  • Work collaboratively to make architectural decisions

Qualifications and experience


  • 3 years experience in DevOps role
  • Experience with JenkinCI or similar CI tools
  • Knowledge of configuration management tools (Puppet or SaltStack)
  • Ability to write scripts in Python, bash


  • Server provisioning experience
  • Virtualisation and container platforms (Docket, VMWare, KVM)
  • Agile methodologies


  • You must be able to work well under pressure and prioritise assignments accordingly
  • You should be a multitasker
  • You will have detail oriented vision
  • Fluency in English essential

About Oradian

Oradian – and why it’s disruptive
Oradian is a financial inclusion company serving financial institutions in remote, hard-to-reach communities. Using insights from our community of customers, we build a cloud-based toolset that smart financial institutions plug into to access best practice and efficiency.
Our toolset enables financial institutions to become more efficient, know and control their portfolios and serve more clients. We provide access to our toolset on a subscription basis, giving financial institutions access to leading technology.

Our team
We are a quickly growing team of talented and committed experts in technology and microfinance. We work in an open, collaborative culture. We have over 70 team members from more than 12 countries.

Where we work
Oradian is headquartered in Zagreb (Croatia) with offices in Lagos (Nigeria) and Manila (Philippines).
We currently partner with over 50 financial institutions in seven countries with a concentration in the Philippines and Nigeria. Collectively, our partners provide access to financial services for over one million end-clients. We are now poised to scale operations and increase sales throughout West Africa, East Africa and Southeast Asia.

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