Partnership Manager (m/f)

Zagreb, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

We are looking for a Partnership Manager to identify, build and manage Oradian's partnerships to help us to reach our commercial targets and our mission to enable financial institutions to grow and serve more clients.
The successful applicant will be responsible for our global partnership strategy, as well as formalising and managing partnerships across all geographies. Our potential partners include resellers, high-value financial institutions, microfinance associations, and technology providers.

We currently partner with more than 60 financial institutions in seven countries with a concentration in the Philippines and Nigeria.  Collectively, our partners provide access to financial services for over one million end-clients. We are now poised to scale operations and increase sales throughout West Africa, East Africa and Southeast Asia.

The ideal candidate must be self-motivated, professional, results-driven and have a solid understanding of the financial inclusion industry. We will only consider applicants who have proven experience in creating and managing partnerships - ideally with partners involved in microfinance in frontier markets.


Partnership strategy

  • Identify, qualify and determine the types of partnerships that align with our business objectives
  • Define Oradian's partnership types
  • Set up a sustainable partnership strategy with short and long-term targets

Partnership management

  • Network and build relationships leading to partnerships
  • Market to prospective partners
  • Negotiate partnership terms
  • Organise agreements with clear KPIs, roles and responsibilities
  • Effectively manage partnerships and relationships


  • Ensure that the partnership strategy is communicated clearly across the company
  • Create a leadership culture in Partnerships which reflects Oradian's values

Qualifications and experience

  • At least 10 years of experience in one but preferably both of
    • Partnership management
    • Microfinance and financial inclusion
  • Professional experience in frontier markets, especially in Southeast Asia and Africa
  • Experience managing multiple stakeholders at board level


  • Self-starter
  • Excellent organisation skills and solution-oriented
  • Ability to run multiple work streams in parallel
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Willing to travel frequently

About Oradian

Oradian is a financial inclusion company serving financial institutions in remote, hard-to-reach communities. Using insights from our community of customers, we build a cloud-based toolset that smart financial institutions plug into to access best practice and efficiency. With Oradian, financial institutions are able to boost global financial inclusion by growing and serving more clients.

Oradian’s toolset - and why it’s disruptive

We provide access to our toolset on a subscription basis, based on the number of clients the financial institution serves. Oradian’s subscription model makes it possible for financial institutions of all sizes to access leading technology.

With Oradian’s toolset financial institutions are enabled to drive financial inclusion through:

  • Efficiency with automatic, simplified administration
  • Informed decision-making with real-time data and reporting
  • Growth to reach more clients without incremental costs

By delivering three main business benefits, Oradian delivers the opportunity for financial institutions to know and control their portfolios.

Oradian’s global community

Our global community of financial institutions is made up of over 65 visionary customers – rural banks, MFBs, MFIs, Saccos and Cooperative Societies – from nine countries: Brunei, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines and Zimbabwe.

Together, our customers provide access to digital financial services for over two million clients in remote, hard-to-reach parts of the world. We are poised to scale operations and increase sales throughout West Africa, East Africa and Southeast Asia.

Oradian is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Manila, Philippines. We are a fast-growing team of talented and committed experts in technology and microfinance. We work in an open, collaborative culture. We have over 100 team members from more than 20 countries.