General Accountant

Makati City, Philippines

This job is not available any more.

We are looking for a high-performing General Accountant to manage a part of the company's finances. You will be a gatekeeper of our expenditure and payment processes under the supervision of the Operations Manager.

You will also work closely with the Finance and Operations teams in Zagreb. The successful applicant will carry out explained duties to make sure that all finance operations are precise and up to date.

The General Accountant will be responsible for accurately and timely processing payroll by complying with the legal requirements. At the close of every month, you will make sure the financial documentation for the preceding month is complete.

The successful candidate is an effective communicator with the ability to filter various requests within the organisation and guide team members to follow internal procedures.


General bookkeeping

  • Ensure completeness of expenses, bank statements, revenues
  • Pay advances to suppliers and employees
  • Reconcile salary bookings with payroll system
  • Track missing expenses, prepaid expenses
  • Process tax and social contribution returns
  • Revaluate account balances in foreign currency at month-end Xchg rates
  • Manage fixed assets – check activation and reconcile with fixed assets subledger
  • Analyse daily transactions and journal entries

Coordination with external accounting service and liaising with local tax authorities

  • Handle BIR Tax returns (1601-C, 1601-E, 2550M/Q, 2000, 2307)
  • Handle Social Contribution return (SSS, HDMF, PHIC)
  • Ensure timely compliances to avoid risk and penalties

Taking care of employees expenses with Expenses Systems

  • Guide and control official business trip and employee expenses
  • Check and generate reimbursement / liquidation reports

Accounts payable

  • Verify and reconcile contracts, orders, prior payment to suppliers/employees
  • Follow up on the issuance of official receipts
  • Issue early warnings of such problems as excessive charges and potential penalties
  • Managing online bank payments

Accounts receivable

  • Deposit checks to the bank / follow-up payment with customers
  • Prepare and issue invoices and official receipts


  • Conduct reviews and investigations and correct errors and provide assistance with the preparation of financial statements which must be in full compliance with generally accepted accounting principles
  • Conduct audits – comply and submit all accounting report and coordination with external audit services
  • Avoid legal challenges by complying with legal requirements in a timely manner

Qualifications and experience

  • +5 years of experience in one or ideally both:
    • Accounting
    • Process optimisation and tooling within finance departments
  • BS degree in Accounting, Business Administration or a similar field
  • Experience in BIR related transactions and financial statement reports is mandatory
  • Proficiency in English is mandatory
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Excel
  • Experience in QuickBooks Online is a plus
  • Experience in Cost Management is a plus
  • Experience in Audit is a plus


  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Detail oriented and trustworthy
  • Open-minded and strong intercultural sensitivity
  • Ability to work well under pressure and prioritise assignments
  • Run multiple work streams in parallel
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

About Oradian

Oradian is a financial inclusion company serving financial institutions in remote, hard-to-reach communities. Using insights from our community of customers, we provide a cloud-based toolset that smart financial institutions plug into to access best practice and efficiency. With Oradian, financial institutions are able to boost global financial inclusion by growing and serving more clients.

Oradian’s toolset - and why it’s disruptive

We provide access to our toolset on a subscription basis, based on the number of clients the financial institution serves. Oradian’s subscription model makes it possible for financial institutions of all sizes to access leading technology.

With Oradian’s toolset financial institutions are enabled to drive financial inclusion through:

  • Efficiency with automatic, simplified administration
  • Informed decision-making with real-time data and reporting
  • Growth to reach more clients without incremental costs

By delivering three main business benefits, Oradian delivers the opportunity for financial institutions to know and control their portfolios.

Oradian’s global community

Our global community of financial institutions is made up of over 75 visionary customers – rural banks, MFBs, MFIs, Saccos and Cooperative Societies – from 11 countries: Brunei, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, Senegal and Zimbabwe.

Together, our customers provide access to digital financial services for over 3 million clients in remote, hard-to-reach parts of the world. We are poised to scale operations and increase sales throughout West Africa, East Africa and Southeast Asia.

Oradian is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Manila, Philippines. We are a fast-growing team of talented and committed experts in technology and microfinance. We work in an open, collaborative culture. We have over 130 team members from more than 30 countries.