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Zagreb, Croatia

About Oradian

At Oradian, we are passionate about enabling banks and tech lenders to scale. We have to be: after all, we live in a world in which demand for financial services far outstrips supply.

We believe the remedy is to partner with financial institutions, tech lenders, fintechs, neobanks, and MFIs in SE Asia and Africa to deliver faster financial services to last mile communities. The unique approach we’ve taken is an enterprise solution designed to support organisations to grow, scale, and reach new customers through digitalisation.

Our solution is a flexible and extensible cloud-native core banking platform serving 10 million clients across the globe.  We support more than 50 institutional clients across 13 countries, and we always strive to innovate new ways to support our customers’ growth. Oradian’s approach and execution is validated by our customers’ success, growth, and our accolades.

 If you are an individual who thrives on finding the innovative solutions to meet the toughest of challenges, and who is eager to get your hands dirty – look no further.

 Oradian is a fast-paced, evolving environment in which everyone plays a role communicating and contributing to our goal of economic empowerment and financial inclusion. We love what we do, we live what we do, so a positive attitude and passion for our mission are essentials for our team!

The Position

We are looking for a database administrator; person that will deep dive into the inner workings of our databases; oil those query cogs and anticipate the stress on the DB engines.  

You will be a part of the Infra team, dedicated to building stable, performant, and secure multi-datacentre system for the core banking. Aa a DBA, your responsibilities lie beyond just infrastructure. You will work closely with development teams, helping them design and optimise DB queries, models, and procedures. Doing research and giving guidance to other teams is crucial part of our DNA. 

 You will be required to master highly available and scalable database clusters and know how to tune OLTP and OLAP systems. Variety of tools will be at your disposal as we highly value automation and observability without which our job would be painful if not impossible. 

Our customers' ability to grow is core to our mission and Oradian's success. You will be responsible for building an infrastructure that can accommodate growth while extending system reliability, availability, and security. Infrastructure that needs to accommodate both banking standards of our customers and growing requirements of Oradian's own vision. 



• Monitor, optimise, and tune the performance of database systems 

• Write complex SQL queries and stored procedures for transaction processing and reporting 

• Support development of compilers targeting PostgreSQL ORDBMS 

• Design and expand OLAP systems 

• Educate application developers on PostgreSQL best practices 

• Ensure database backup, high availability and disaster recovery procedures are in place  

• Support other teams with tasks involving databases 

• Collaborate in making architectural decisions 

• Highlight and identify challenges as soon as possible and bring them to the Company’s attention 

 Regularly attend status meetings• Timely respond to all written and verbal communication 


 - Experience writing complex SQL (any dialect) 

• Experience with at least one major RDBMS; PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle 

• One scripting language: Python, Bash, ZSH, Go 

• GIT knowledge 

• Linux knowledge 

• Backup, HA, and DR theory 

• Extensive knowledge of PostgreSQL on Linux 

• Experience with large databases 

• Experience with Jenkins or similar CI/CD tools 

• Experience with configuration management tools as: SaltStack, Chef, Puppet, Ansible 

Location & Time Zone: Remote, Europe

Please note that if you are based outside locations where Oradian owns a Legal Entity we will consider hiring via an EOR.

What We Offer

  • friendly working environment – everybody is ready to help and share, big egos or arrogant individuals are not allowed here
  • speaking of colleagues, we have a couple of very skilled fellows here. They are a great source of knowledge and at the same time practical solution solvers everybody can and should learn from
  • you will become a member of a team, enhancing your project and time management skills, you will polish your spoken and written communication in English, and last but not the least – you will witness and contribute to a successful globally-applied SaaS business model
  • we are truly open and cosmopolitan organisation – you will get to know people from all around the world.

Oradian thrives to keep and promote an inclusive and diverse environment. So we can properly review your application please do check if: your information entered is in English and your email is correctly added. We aim to get back to all Candidates as soon as possible. Thank you!

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