Zagreb, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

Position : Full-time, mid-level
Location : Zagreb

We are looking for a B2B copywriter to write online and print communication for diverse audiences around the world – from our teams in West Africa and Southeast Asia to a global community of customers.

This is a copywriting job like no other – you'll master your writing skills while working in a dynamic fintech community, and be part of a mission-based company that is making a difference in the world: Oradian provides a cloud-based toolset designed to enable financial inclusion in some of the most remote places in the world.

Applicants must have a solid understanding of content design, plain English and UX copywriting. You also need a good dose of empathy, and the ability to write for diverse cultures and differing levels of literacy. Your English skills must be flawless.


Among the teams, you will support:

  • Talent and Culture – you'll write job descriptions and copy for recruitment campaigns
  • Marketing – you'll write everything from Facebook campaigns for microfinance companies in the Philippines to direct mail campaigns for small banks in Northern Nigeria
  • Communications – you'll write website copy and other evergreen content

  • We expect a high level of collaboration in taking briefs, presenting work and absorbing feedback

Requirements and competencies

  • Native level English
  • Minimum of five years of experience as a writer in a B2B environment
  • Graduate degree required
  • Ability to write with flawless English grammar
  • Ability to follow a style sheet and tone guidelines
  • Additional training or certification in any of the following a plus: plain language, content design, SEO, UX

Application process
When you apply, these are the steps we’ll go through:

  1. We’ll assess your CV
  2. If your CV is suitable, we’ll ask you to complete a short writing assignment at home (it won’t take more than 30 minutes)
  3. If the writing assignment suits our level and style, we’ll ask you to interview with us
  4. We’ll meet for the interview – and answer any questions you have. At this time, we might ask you to do another short assignment in the office (don’t worry, it won’t be longer than 20 minutes!)
  5. Hopefully, if all goes well and your writing style suits our brand, we’ll ask you if you would like to join us

About Oradian

Oradian – and why it’s disruptive
Oradian is a financial inclusion company serving financial institutions in remote, hard-to-reach communities. Using insights from our community of customers, we build a cloud-based toolset that smart financial institutions plug into to access best practice and efficiency.
Our toolset enables financial institutions to become more efficient, know and control their portfolios and serve more clients. We provide access to our toolset on a subscription basis, giving financial institutions access to leading technology.

Our team
We are a quickly growing team of talented and committed experts in technology and microfinance. We work in an open, collaborative culture. We have over 70 team members from more than 12 countries.

Where we work
Oradian is headquartered in Zagreb (Croatia) with offices in Lagos (Nigeria) and Manila (Philippines). We currently partner with 50 financial institutions in seven countries with a concentration in the Philippines and Nigeria. Collectively, our partners provide access to financial services for over one million end-clients. We are now poised to scale operations and increase sales throughout West Africa, East Africa and Southeast Asia.