Build Engineer

Zagreb, Croatia

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An extraordinary Build Engineer to help automate the company's development and support QA teams by administering continuous integration and delivery of infrastructure. The role is responsible for working on server provisioning and orchestration. As Oradian is set to grow its customer base exponentially every year, the Build Engineer will need experience and ample enthusiasm to support the fast-paced development of the company. They will have to:

  • Provide support for the company's development and to our QA teams by administrating continuous integration and delivery
  • Provide procedures for automating build, test, deployment, and monitoring of the whole software release cycle
  • Administer servers providing CI/CD infrastructure
  • Work collaboratively to make architectural decisions

Required Experience

  • Knowledge of the project build and release cycle
  • Experience with JenkinsCI or similar CI tool
  • Experience in Python, bash scripting
  • Knowledge of configuration management tools (such as SaltStack) is a plus
  • Knowledge of Docker is a plus

Years of Experience

We don't care

Skills and Tools

  • Python
  • JenkinsCI
  • SaltStack
  • Docker

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