Back End (Scala) Developer

Zagreb, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

We are looking for a Senior Back End Developer to lead the way with the internal work on our cutting edge application. The successful applicant will be responsible for designing, developing, maintaining and optimising our cloud based solution system.

Oradian’s customer base is set to grow exponentially as we scale operations in Africa and Southeast Asia, so our Back End Developer will need creativity, experience and enthusiasm to work on the core engine of our growth - an interactive application which meets the high standards and needs of both our company and customers.


You will be required to:

  • Know your stuff - keep up to date with emerging technologies and trends within the industry
  • Be a problem solver - take a forward thinking approach to providing solutions
  • Do the actual technical work – which involves expertise programming Scala in interaction with the ORDBMS
  • Work collaboratively - so you and the team can create a quality codebase everyone is proud of

Qualifications and experience

You will need:


  • At least six years experience working in back end development with Scala/Java or equivalent
  • In-depth knowledge of OOP/FP paradigms and design patterns
  • Best practices and experience in working with transactional systems
  • Being SOLID & DRY
  • Experience working with DVCS


  • PostgreSQL as it’s our ORDBMS of choice
  • Domain-Driven-Design
  • Very Simple Build Tool


  • We expect a high level of team collaboration in all aspects of work at Oradian
  • You should be a multitasker with the ability to perform in a dynamic and fast paced environment
  • You will be self organised and able to prioritise assignments accordingly
  • Fluency in English is essential

About Oradian

Oradian is a financial inclusion company serving financial institutions in remote, hard-to-reach communities. Using insights from our community of customers, we provide a cloud-based toolset that smart financial institutions plug into to access best practice and efficiency. With Oradian, financial institutions are able to boost global financial inclusion by growing and serving more clients.

Oradian’s toolset - and why it’s disruptive

We provide access to our toolset on a subscription basis, based on the number of clients the financial institution serves. Oradian’s subscription model makes it possible for financial institutions of all sizes to access leading technology.

With Oradian’s toolset financial institutions are enabled to drive financial inclusion through:

  • Efficiency with automatic, simplified administration
  • Informed decision-making with real-time data and reporting
  • Growth to reach more clients without incremental costs

By delivering three main business benefits, Oradian delivers the opportunity for financial institutions to know and control their portfolios.

Oradian’s global community

Our global community of financial institutions is made up of over 75 visionary customers – rural banks, MFBs, MFIs, Saccos and Cooperative Societies – from 11 countries: Brunei, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, Senegal and Zimbabwe.

Together, our customers provide access to digital financial services for over 3 million clients in remote, hard-to-reach parts of the world. We are poised to scale operations and increase sales throughout West Africa, East Africa and Southeast Asia.

Oradian is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Manila, Philippines. We are a fast-growing team of talented and committed experts in technology and microfinance. We work in an open, collaborative culture. We have over 130 team members from more than 30 countries.

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